Alpha Plus Matriculation School follows the syllabus prescribed by the Matriculation and the Higher secondary Boards of Tamil Nadu along with specially designed curriculum which enables development of the following skills required for the students’ successful career, such as Leadership, Digital literacy, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Global citizenship and problem solving.

  • Information, media, and technology fluency
  • Higher order thinking skills, problem solving and real life applications
  • Adapt, learn, communicate effectively
  • Collaborate using team skills and usher peace in the world

The Life Skills programme helps the child to resolve complex issues related to adolescence. It also helps the child to understand and develop a keen sense of responsibility towards the myriad challenges that face our planet.


At Alpha, we do not necessarily view assessments as the sole measure of a child’s potential. In a rapidly evolving educational environment, methods and techniques need to match the need of the hour. To achieve our greater goals, we prefer an approach that considers both sides of the coin. Our Audio Visual Digital Smart Classroom system ensures that input i.e. approach of the teacher, encourages optimum output i.e. children’s understanding of subject matter.

Secondary Section:

Our secondary school curriculum celebrates the uniqueness of the child, as it is expressed in each child’s personality, intelligence and potential for the development. It is designed to nurture the child in all dimensions of his or her life- spiritual, moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical.

Higher Secondary Section:

All these years of school education, students are eased into the formal examination system..

To provide variety to the assessment process, assignment projects also share the assessment space. No effort is spared in motivating and supporting students while they are groomed for the higher secondary board exams.

Assessment Pattern:

One FA assessment test (written Test for 50 Marks) will be conducted in a term.

SA (Term End Exam) will conducted for 60 Marks.

CCE Pattern is followed in our school for the lower classes VI to IX.

Mark Scheme:

FA(a) : 20 Marks

FA(b): 20 Marks

SA : 60 Marks

Total: 100 Marks