Alpha's Sport and Physical Education program focuses on developing the individual and the team. Emphasis is on development of physical skills, nurturing social and emotional skills. The sporting program is rich and diverse and includes sports such as Cricket, Basketball and Football.


Our programme is developed to engage learners at every level, from pre-primary to secondary school, from warli painting to bonsai and from the school campus to the global stage. The programme encompasses theory, experiential learning, discovery, personal expression and most importantly, the opportunity to be courageous and original.


Equipped with a wide assortment of musical instruments, the music and dance learning facility provides an encouraging ambience to students. In short, a truly ‘note’ worthy place.

The School teaches classical dance, specially ‘Bharathanatyam’ the typical southern Indian classical dance style.


The health benefits of yoga are well-known to all. The childen are introduced to meditation, the art of breathing and the asanas that enable neuromuscular-development and improve confidence and self – esteem.