Welcome to the Alpha Plus Matriculation Higher Secondary School; an institution that is committed to its mission, vision, and values down to the word.

Alpha Plus Matriculation School’s impressive campus provides a backdrop for student learning of the highest caliber. Technology, music, art, physical education, theater, library, classroom and common spaces all communicate a message that learning is the core purpose and highly valued at Alpha Plus Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

The vibrant community focuses on learning. Our teachers are exceptional educators who place understandings about learning consistently at the center of planning and instruction and who inspire students to the highest expectations. Students are continuously given feedback on their work habits and we constantly strive to prepare students for a changing future. We aim for students to develop into men and women who will make a positive difference in the world. We achieve this through our curriculum, pedagogy and technology as well as in fine arts, athletics, and activities and clubs.

Our values of Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Compassion guide our actions and promote a culture of inclusiveness and engagement.

Alpha Plus Matriculation Higher Secondary School provides the optimal environment for learning and preparing students for a changing future. We dedicate ourselves to continuing the tradition of being an outstanding learning center. What better place and time to educate the finest global leaders of tomorrow?


ALPHA has evolved an INCLUSIVE CURRICULUM in which various activities for the growth of the 6i's of our students are woven into a fine fusion-fabric, that ensures the very purpose of good education : “to realize one's potential to the fullest in a constructive way, to lead a fulfilled life”.

Arogyam – Physical Fitness

Anbu – Emotional Intelligence

Arivu – Knowledge

Aatral – Skills

Aakam – Creativity and Development

Aanmigam – Spirituality


Learning at Alpha is fun; it is about spirited laughter, genuine smiles and curious minds. Thanks to our dynamic curriculum, a rich co-curricular programme and resilience-building student care programme – learning at Alpha extends well beyond the classroom. At Alpha, no two days will ever be the same – nor are two learners' experiences exactly identical.


Small class sizes means every learner gets personal attention from their teachers. Specialists work with learners individually & provide them with academic, artistic & athletic opportunities.


Alpha truly makes a difference in the education of every learner by bringing in professionalism and expertise in everything – from teacher training to curriculum development, from admissions to technology, from learner well-being to infrastructure development. And everything else in between.


Technology is not just a subject at Alpha – it is a way of learning & a way of life! At Alpha, Technology is an integral part of bringing together the learners, teachers, parents & community & not just a parade of new gadgets. Indeed, Alpha & its staff have earned wide-spread acclaim for being the digital revolutionaries of our education system.


At Alpha, our teachers go beyond just teaching the mind. They model and inculcate values like respect, responsibility, integrity, and service. Alpha's qualified and dedicated teaching staff is assisted by caring and qualified support staff. All are Burlington English Language Teaching certified faculty.


We strongly believe that all students can achieve greatness. As a result of this fundamental belief, we embrace the high accountability levels to which we are held by our parents and learners and we set our expectations high. Thus driven by high expectations and accountability, our results speak for themselves.


Recognised for its dedication to academic rigour and for its vigorous activity programmes in sports, arts & cultural learning, Alpha will thrive on its culturally diverse community. All these will be provided in a nurturing educational community which values global citizenship anchored in Indian values.