Technology is the future. It is continuously evolving and galloping into our lives. At Alpha, we value technology and its role in education, not as a substitute for the irreplaceable human guidance of teachers or experential learning of children, but for its speed, immediacy, spread, revisits, quick testing and feedback features. Technology is not just a subject at Alpha – it is a way of learning & a way of life! At Alpha, technology is an integral part of bringing together the learners, teachers, parents & community & not just a parade of new gadgetry. Indeed, Alpha & its staff have earned wide-spread acclaim for being the digital revolutionaries of our education system.

Computer Labs

Our computer labs sport latest student friendly computers. The ratio maintained is 1:1. Students use these devices for multiple uses like learning ICT, research, making presentations and also to learn different languages as well as enhance their math skills.

Audio Visual Digital Classroom Systems

All classrooms are audio-visually equipped. They are used by teachers for presentation of rich-media learning materials & real-time annotation.