To introduce this section, we would like to quote from the National Curriculum Framework

‘Learning for the sake of being examined in a mechanical manner takes away the joy of being young, and delinks school knowledge from everyday experience’.

The curriculum is anchored in the child’s curiosity and enthusiasm.

Learning is accelerated and guided by the child’s questions so that the interface between theoretical concept building and individual experience are assimilated. They are further invited to arrange and rearrange ideas to concretize concepts.

We follow a specially-developed developmentally-appropriate curriculum which culminates in the C.B.S.E.
As a 21st century global citizen, children need to have:

  • Information, media, and technology fluency
  • Higher order thinking skills, problem solving and real life applications
  • Adapt, learn, communicate effectively
  • Collaborate using team skills and usher peace in the world


  • ACME – Higher order Maths programme
  • AXIS – Innovative Enquiry based Science Learning Programme
  • ACES – International Level English Learning Programme
  • I Genius – World renowned Maths Pentathlon
  • Integrated coaching for JEE and AIEEE for Grades 11 and 12


The Life Skills programme helps the child to resolve complex issues related to adolescence. It also helps the child to understand and develop a keen sense of responsibility towards the myriad challenges that face our planet.


At Alpha, we do not necessarily view assessments as the sole measure of a child’s potential. In a rapidly evolving educational environment, methods and techniques need to match the need of the hour. To achieve our greater goals, we prefer an approach that considers both sides of the coin. Our Audio Visual Digital Smart Classroom system ensures that input i.e. approach of the teacher, encourages optimum output i.e. children’s understanding of subject matter.

Primary Section:

Consistent and continuous assessments are made during these years.
During this period students are kept free from the stress of examinations. Our egalitarian learning process eliminates unhealthy competition as marks are substituted by grades.

Secondary Section:

During these years of school education, students are eased into the formal examination system.
To provide variety to the assessment process, assignment projects also share the assessment space. No effort is spared in motivating and supporting students while they are groomed for the C.B.S.E.