The secondary curriculum at Alpha Plus Matriculation Higher Secondary School is designed to support a developmental, student-centred approach. The school follows the curriculum and syllabus prescribed by the Matriculation Board of Tamil Nadu Government and prepares the pupil for the Board Examinations at Classes X, XI and XII. It incorporates all elements of academic interests that cater to the challenging requirements of the contemporary and future educational needs.

Students at the middle school level are provided with an extended dimension to the State board syllabus by interfacing the learning strategies and tenets of the CBSE curriculum thereby leading to holistic development. This extended curriculum enables these young students to have a strong foundation and makes it easy for them to transition into the National Curriculum in the future… It also enables students competent enough to take up all the mainstream competitive exams at national and state level that are predominantly based on CBSE syllabus.

Our focus is to make learning purposeful and progressive in a planned manner and equip our learners with a repertoire of skills and a positive attitude so as to make them successful citizens in a globally competitive society.

The Curriculum caters to a varied and diverse range of individual differences, intelligence and abilities and provides a plethora of opportunities to enjoy the learning experience through the integration of generic skills and values in key learning areas.

As the learner has gained mastery over basic concepts underlying each subject area in the middle school level, the learner is now ready to meet the rigours of the academic programme in the secondary section aligned with the State Board Examinations. The focus shifts to self-reliance and initiative with purposeful, goal-directed facilitation by the teacher. Therefore, opportunities are created for questioning, discussions, reflection and deep-diving into the concepts.


Scholastics Co-Scholastics
English Dance/Aerobics
Tamil Yoga
Mathematics Physical Education
Science Life Skills
Social Science Art Education
ICT ATAL Tinkering Lab


Scholastics Co-Scholastics
English Physical Education
Tamil Life Skills
Mathematics Tinkering Lab
Social Science  


Scholastics Co-Scholastics
Science Commerce
English English Sports/Physical Education
Language (Tamil/French) Language (Tamil/French) Sports/Physical Education
Mathematics Commerce Life Skills/Value Education
Physics Accountancy  
Chemistry Economics  
Biology/ Computer Science Computer Applications  


Integration and adaptation of the best available teaching and learning practices in India.

  • Student-centric approach
  • Hands-on active learning
  • Real-life connect and experiential learning
  • Technology integration for blended learning
  • Investigation and experimentation
  • Differentiation, scaffolding and remediation


The assessments are well aligned with the latest State board announcements and guidelines so as to incorporate:

  • Pen Paper Test
  • Multiple Assessments
  • Subject Enrichment Activities
  • Portfolio


The assessments are well aligned with the latest state board announcements and guidelines so as to incorporate:

  • Practicals
  • Internal assessment and Lab work

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